Update from our Ukraine Working Group

We continue to pray, act and give in response to the situation in Ukraine.

We pray...

Please continue to pray for:

  • The people of Ukraine as the devastation and suffering continues and especially as millions face a cold winter without power.
  • Those who have had to flee to other countries and those left in Ukraine to fight for survival.
  • The evacuees, in particular those who come to the UK, for their hosts and other supporters.
  • All who are affected, directly and around the world by the ripple effects of the conflict.

We act...

Several Saint James families have been hosting Ukrainian evacuees, in some cases for several months.  They need prayer, support and ongoing encouragement from friends and church family.

As a church family we can welcome and offer love as we reach out to our Ukrainian guests in our midst as they find a home away from home.  Consider giving them a Christmas card and inviting them to a Christmas event at Saint James.

We give...

We have a Saint James Refugee Fund to support initiatives in countries neighbouring Ukraine, as well as supporting those who help evacuees as they arrive in the UK.  Click here for more details about the fund, and how to give.

So far we have contributed to three initiatives in three countries and made some modest grants for specific needs to families being hosted in the UK by Saint James members.  Details of some of the work we are supporting can be found here:

Romania Crù, Romania / Alege Viata in Bucharest:
Find out more of how Crù are working with Ukrainians in this video of Martin Josten interviewing their leader Nelu Suciu. 

It’s been exciting to see a temporary shelter using 10 modular units on land next to the Alege Viata (Agape) office become established.  Alege Viata have also set-up a Kindergarten and day camp in partnership with local schools, hosting 90 Ukrainian children, their mothers and infant siblings.  This had originally been intended to run until September but is now continuing.  There have also been Church meetings in Ukrainian in partnership with local churches where many who’ve gone along are not yet believers.

We have also supported Graeme & Becqui Innes, serving with Crosslinks in Cisinau, Moldova.  And Petr & Veronika Tichy, serving with Betel in Kralupy, Czech Republic, hosting a refugee family from Ukraine.

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