Here's a quick update from our Ukraine working group...

Please keep praying for the situation in Ukraine and for those we’re partnering with.  Below are some updates.

Crù, Romania

Nelu Suciu and the team at Crù Romania have been working hard to send generators over the border to churches and other institutions in Ukraine.

It costs £4,500 to buy and deliver each generator, and then a further £1,000 a month to run the generator.

We’re enormously grateful for your generosity over Christmas that has meant we’ve been able to send £4,690 to Crù which has been used towards two generators, one for a church in Kherson and another for a church in Kiev.  

Thank you so much! I appreciate so much your heart and hard work to help with this. It is a "long run" and after almost one year from the beginning of the war the people get tired and resources are running out. But they still need help. We are praying for the war to end soon.“

The Innes', Moldova

As we reflect on 2022, darkness is one of the words that we would use to sum up what we saw first-hand, and the stories we heard from our friends in Ukraine and from those who were forced to leave their home and loved ones. For us personally, never have we lived a year where darkness has felt so pervasive or so near. God has most graciously protected us from danger, but sharing our home and our lives with people who have escaped the horrors of war and occupation in places like Mariupol, Bucha, Kherson and the Donbas has left an indelible mark on our family. However, in God’s wonderful kindness, he has been using these experiences to teach us more deeply than ever before about just how precious the message of Christmas is. The truth that Jesus is the Light of the world and that darkness shall never overcome him has struck us more powerfully than it ever has done so before. That the Light of the world not only entered this dark world, but that he is with us now, in and despite the darkness that we have encountered, stirs our hearts to praise. Join with us in praising him…”

You can read more in Graeme & Bequi’s latest newsletter.

We continue to support the Innes family with occastional grants from the Refugee Fund.