Summer Reading

Four great titles to read this summer

Watch Ben’s brief introduction to 4 books to read this summer.  All of which are available in our online bookstall.  Or read a brief summary of each below.

The Art of Rest – Adam Mabry

The world never stops. But we need to. This summer why not read this book and grow to enjoy the art of rest?

10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask … – Rebecca McLaughlin

This short book is helpful for all the church family. 'Can Jesus be true for me but not for you?' 'Why can't we just agree that love is love?'

Enjoying God – Tim Chester

Eternal life is knowing God and enjoying him forever. This is a longer read for those who want to grow to know God better and the difference that makes to our day to day lives.

5 Things to Pray for Your World – Rachel Jones

Many enjoyed praying with the church in our daily devotions. Why not use this short book to help you pray for our world?

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