Hope For Troubled Hearts

We are starting a new sermon series this Sunday looking at John 14-17 in the lead up to Easter.

On the evening before his death Jesus preached a staggering sermon. His heart was troubled yet his words addressed the troubled hearts of his disciples.

Jesus answers the question: “How should his disciples relate to him once he has returned to his Father?”  Jesus’ departing words have profound implications for our lives today since we live after Jesus’ ascension into heaven and await his return.

As we sit at the feet of the Lord Jesus, he will assure us that his work of redemption is utterly sufficient for our eternal security. And the work of his Spirit is utterly sufficient for our fruitfulness and joy in the world.

Feb 14 The True and Living Way John 14:1-14
Feb 21 The Counsellor John 14:15-31
Feb 28 The Vine & The Branches John 15:1-17
Mar 7 The Disciples in the World John 15:18-16:4
Mar 14 The Spirit of Truth John 16:5-16
Mar 21 The Promise of Lasting Joy John 16:17-33
Mar 28 The Glory of God in the World John 17:1-26

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