God’s Care in Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are heart breaking conditions that effect many people of differing ages.

The experience of lock down has made life harder for both sufferers and carers.

These two webinars aim to offer understanding, compassion and God’s comfort to those who want to understand these conditions more and those who find themselves caught up in the midst of them.

Webinar 1

God's Care In Dementia... For Churches

Thursday January 21st, 8pm

What does it mean to be a dementia friendly church? How can we walk alongside those with a dementia diagnosis, and those that care for them? This seminar explores the basics of what dementia is, and how it affects people. It provides an opportunity to reflect on God’s love and care for those with dementia and consider the critical importance of church community. It provides some useful tools to enable us to practically support people throughout their dementia journey.
Suitable for people who would like to be better equipped to support others with dementia and their carers.

Webinar 2

God’s Care In Dementia...For People With Dementia And Their Loved Ones And Carers

Thursday January 28th, 8pm

How can we better understand God’s heart for those with dementia? How can we maintain relationships with someone who has dementia as their illness develops? How can we better understand, communicate and care for those we love?
This seminar focusses on how to keep relationships going throughout a season of living with dementia. It provides information about how dementia affects people and practical tips as to how to continue to engage as the illness progresses. It shines a light on how to bring God’s love and care into the lives of those with dementia and their carers. It reminds us of God’s heart for those who feel lost, and provides encouragement to keep going.
Suitable for people who have a dementia diagnosis, or who are walking alongside someone with a dementia diagnosis.


Sophie Duncan was motivated to think through Dementia from a biblical perspective when her God mother was diagnosed. She has spoken at a number of conferences and is keen to help Christians engage with this heart breaking illness.

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