Why are we here? How can I be happy? Why does God allow suffering? Life is full of big questions, but often the answers are hard to find. ​

Over the next few weeks at Saint James we are digging deeper into some of life’s big questions. Whether COVID has raised new questions for you or if you’ve had questions all your life, whether you are a Christian or not, everyone is welcome to join us as we ask the big questions together.



25 March, 8pm

We all long for justice. But where does that desire come from? How will it be achieved? And when will it happen?

It was our privilege to be joined by Sir Jeremy Cooke, a former High Court Judge, to think through this question of Justice.  Jeremy has a wealth of experience from his time on the bench and presided over high-profile cases such as The Royal Blackmail Plot and the Pakistan Cricket Team Spot Fixing Scandal.

To catch up on his talk please visit https://youtu.be/HBXnlNq2_O8



18 April, 10am

Q&A: 22 April, 8pm

How can a God who is good and all-powerful allow there to be so much suffering in the world? Can we believe in God in a pandemic? Join us on Sunday morning as we think through this important question, and then come along on Thursday evening on Zoom for a question-and-answer session.

Thursday Q&A 22 April 8pm Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 976 8700 7514
Passcode: 538539



25 April, 10am

Q&A: 29 April, 8pm

We all want to feel secure, but where do we look to for security? And what happens when the places we put our trust fall away?

Thursday Q&A 29 April 8pm Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 976 8700 7514
Passcode: 538539



2 May, 10am

Q&A: 6 MAY, 8pm

So often the things that we think will bring satisfaction leave us wanting more. How can I be happy? Or is the pursuit of happiness all there is? Find out more at our

Thursday Q&A 6 May 8pm Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 976 8700 7514
Passcode: 538539

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