A Better Story

God, sex and human flourishing

As a church family we’re confident that God is good and that his word reveals his good plan for his creation.

These seminars, following on from our mini sermon series, will be a safe place to listen to God’s word, and to one another, as we explore these sensitive topics. We’ll be exploring:


what it is to be a human being? What does it mean to be true to yourself?


what does the Bible teach? Isn’t that just your interpretation?


what is God’s vision for our flourishing as sexual beings? Is what God teaches really good news?


what does a biblically inclusive church look like? How would that make our church family better for all?

Growth Groups and Equip will be meeting centrally to follow the seminar series together. If you’re not in a Growth Group we’d love you to come! This series is open to everyone at Saint James, please come to consider these important issues in more depth.

We believe that the Bible has A Better Story to tell around human sexuality than anything the world has to offer. Come and join us to find out more!